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  1. I found this online: "According to the U.S. Department of State, all American citizens must possess a valid passport in order to exit and re-enter the United States. Trying to return to the U.S. with an expired passport may result in being denied entrance. It is best to resolve this before your return trip. You can apply for an emergency renewal at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general." I assume that the US can't really deny re-entry to an American Citizen. but I suspect that they could turn it into a bureaucratic nightmare. Interestingly, even an expired US Passport (up to 5 years expired) is valid proof of identity and citizenship to obtain a new passport. Far better to be safe than sorry and re-enter the US while to passport is still valid. A US passport is valid for ten years (and there is no time restriction as to how early you can apply for renewal). So, it is hard to imagine any reasonable explanation for her failure to renew in a timely fashion. [Also, you mention: " She did try to contact the US Embassy in Bangkok but got no answer..." I have dealt with the American Consular Services at the US Embassy in Bangkok and they have always been prompt, courteous and professional in their response. Perhaps your landlady meant that she did not get the response that she had wanted.]
  2. I believe the section you referenced applies where Porn alone wants to apply for the baby's passport. Where both parents are present for the application (baby too--since they take a photo), no marriage/divorce documentation is asked for. Pen and I are not married and we had no problem getting Jenny's Thai Passport last year.
  3. This is from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Documents required for applicants under the age of 15Birth Certificate or a certified copy from the applicant’s district office House Registration Parents or legal guardian’s Citizenship I.D. Card or the other identification card which complies to the rules of the Ministry of Interior A parental consent letter and a certified copy of the parent’s Citizenship I.D. Card of non-appearing parent We got a Thai Passport for our daughter, Jenjira ("Jenny") at the Pattaya Office at the Avenue Shopping Centre. It was very easy and the staff was extremely helpful. [Four staff members ignored all waiting applicants to make sure that they captured the most adorable baby picture possible for Jenny's passport photo.] We are not married, but we are both listed on the Thai Birth Certificate. No questions or issues for divorce/marriage for either of us. Thus, we needed the following: Pen's Thai ID Card, my Passport, Jenny's Birth Certificate and the Tambien Baan from Pen's Village (Listing Jenny--but not me--as a house member). As an aside, I'm assuming that your daughter is already listed on a Tambien Baan (House Registration Book)---you will need a copy of that. Since I am an American Citizen, the process for a USA Passport is obviously different from your situation. Nevertheless, we were able to obtain a "Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America", Jenny's US Passport and Social Security Number--all in a single visit to the American Embassy in Bangkok. I simply expended the necessary time and effort to insure that the documentation was in order. We've used Jenny's Thai Passport twice for visits to Siem Reap (Thai's don't pay a visa fee, Americans do). We went through the process only a year ago, so feel free to PM me about our experience.
  4. I just renewed my Retirement Extension at Jomtien Soi 5, without any problem. While I cannot read Thai, it seems that my annual letter from Kasikiorn Bank (Fee: 100 Baht) states my name, account number and the balance as of the date of the letter. As best I can tell, the letter does not show for how long the funds have been on deposit. I provided copies of the last few pages of my bank book and it looks like the Immigration Officer highlighted the entries starting 3 months ago to verify how long sufficient funds have been on deposit.
  5. Each to their own. I agree 100% "In 5 years you will have paid for half the value of the place." From what I can see it might be closer to 10 years. But more importantly, it is the original cost of the place not the value that you will have paid. There is so much development in Pattaya that resale values of exiting condos seem to decline, rather than appreciate. A fellow in my new condo recently resold his unit as a loss of more than TBT 500,000. And I would have been more likely to buy here, rather than in the Nova project I had previously rented. I'm happy renting. Perhaps an existing house in an established area of Pattaya might be a different story--but real property ownership in the Kingdom is a different and much more complex issue. <%2
  6. I stayed on a one year lease/contract (from a private owner) at a Nova Group project--the Avenue Residence on Soi 15. My apartment was "OK" for the price--nothing special. I would, however, be very reluctant to purchase anything from the Nova Group. Their developments appear to be under-financed or marginally financed. After the big Pattaya flooding in Sept, 2011 the water completely flooded the basement garage rising to the first floor lobby--cars and motorbikes were destroyed. A serious design defect, which has been "treated" by only a couple or minor revisions. It took far too long to replace the flooded electrical system. Many days without electricity or water (with all of the surrounding condos restored to normalcy almost immediately). Following the flooding my building was without WiFi for months because they could not afford to replace a simple water soaked modem. To save money security was cut by more than half (with consequences). For a long time they couldn't afford to repair exercise equipment. At one point WiFi was suspended because they couldn't pay the bill. I certainly feel better off renting in Pattaya. If a development goes belly up or disappoints, just move on (as I did).
  7. Yes, by land it's a 15 day stamp if you don't have a visa. A few years back I crossed from Savannakhet to Mukdahan on a double entry tourist visa and was given a 60 day stay from my new entry stay.
  8. My WiFi is provided by my condo in Pattaya. The further I get from the front door, the weaker the signal gets. Anyone know how to boost the signal without having the router's detail info. I have legit login info, just a weak signal from the condo's router.
  9. Impressive! Just about every Thai lady will tell you that she wants to go somewhere to see snow. Having shoveled my car out too many times in New York, I don't care is i never experienced snow ever again. Still, the photos are great.
  10. I stayed at the same hotel when i went to Hanoi last November--it was a decent budget hotel. The Old Quarter is a very interesting place to visit. Did you make it to Halong Bay? it was an outstanding side trip with a night's stay on a 7 cabin boat.
  11. You can have multiple K bank accounts. So missus can keep the ATM card for the first account. And you can have a separate KBank account. When you use online banking, they ask which account do you want to look at.
  12. Is that just for the hospital or does it include the surgeon & anestheoligists fee? In NY, they all bill separately. The hospital's charge was about 1/2 of my total cost. In order to get an early date, by surgery began about 4 PM and I was able to go home by 9 PM. Although the hospital would not release me w/o a companion, I was able to walk to the taxi and then to my apartment w/o assistance--although pretty slowly. The surgeon would not release me until I could make an adequate pee--fortunately, that didn't take long. Good luck with your procedure!
  13. I had a left side open hernia repir with double mesh screen in NYC about 2 months ago (in fact it delayed my trip to the Kingdom by more than a month). I was uncomfortable for about a day and a gradual return to normal life in about two weeks. Now I would never know that I had a hernia. The incision was in the pubic hair area (which was shaved for the procedure). The healing was excellent & hair is now beginnig to cover the surgical site. My surgeon did laproscopic repairs for many yeas but he feels that he gets better long term results with the open surgery. I added up the insurance bills for surgeon, assistant, anesthesiologist, hospital facilities, pre & after consultatation and it totaled about $10,000 (300,000 Baht). Fortunately it was all covered by my insurance, except for an $18 co-pay for the initial consultation.
  14. I grew up near Yankee Stadium: [My Uncle was a cop & would sneak me into the bleachers without paying the 75 cents.] For me, these were the better days: Casey Stengle (as manager), Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra.