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  1. Most of the time millions of people fly each day, and do not get drunk and disorderly Unfortunately there will always be the odd case of someone abusing alcohol and causing distress or even danger to other passengers. Most airline crew members are trained to look for odd behavior and some airlines will not allow passengers onto a plane if they are clearly drunk, regardless of where they have been drinking. If someone wants to buy a bottle of vodka in DF there is nothing to stop them from drinking it before boarding once they have checked in and on "airside", I still think that it is up to individual airlines on how they handle it, but I would hate it if everyone was penalized because of the occasional arsehole who decides to abuse drinks on board. The problem is thought that once the plane has taken off, especially on longhaul, many airlines would be reluctant to turn the plane around , I think they should be be arrested on arrival and possibly be banned from flying for a year though
  2. Thanks for spending the time
  3. I busted all of them, but the bastards came back when I refreshed.
  4. That is comforting to know. Thanks for the info
  5. You just need to learn how to wipe your arse properly again and hose it down with a high powered bum gun. Defecating will become easier rather than your jobbies being hung by the neck until they drop into the quagmire. Its time to clean up your act
  6. Ha ha, A handy tip to make one's cock appear larger, is to have a sack and crack shave. The only problem is that your little rooster has also aged and may not be so handsome as it once was. Be careful when shaving the crack as it maybe be like sitting on bed nettles after a few days of regrowth
  7. Definitely my health. Something I never used to worry about when I was younger.
  8. Well personally no. If I wanted a proper massage I would go to a conventional traditional Thai massage place. But a good oiling down first can be quite relaxing. I am more interested in the Massage parlours under the guise of massage, but are really P4P at the end of the day, although I am sure that plenty of people might go just for the massage bit alone. Its just when they start running there finger near to the genital region that Percy can pop up and start thinking on your behalf That is one of the reasons that I mentioned "happy endings" in the OP
  9. Where is the Amon, is it in Chayapoon ?
  10. In many ways, the massage parlours seem to be a good option now and then.. No ladydrinks BS, no awkward goodbyes, you know more or less that you will get what you ask for, and no bar fine. I would imagine that if you come across a diamond, then you can always take here number and get a house call when its convenient. I am no fan of traditional massage, but a nice oil rub is quite erotic. 1K baht is about right, and more or less why you might pay in Soi 6 or less.
  11. That sounds a great set up.
  12. I am going to hire a car for 2 or 3 days on my next visit and use it to find some of these places, do a Darkside prowl and maybe spend some time down in Ban Chang. I like to get out the main part of the city for a few days, in the middle of a trip and I appreciate it more when returning. I am easily bored
  13. I have often driven by this place. Is it a fish bowl type affair ? By that I mean girls behind a glass participation ? Like the sound of a pair together.
  14. From what I have seen, it can be hit and miss, depending on who is sitting outside in terms of take your pick. I was picking up my laundry on my last visit in Chayapoon and a nice looker caught my eye and we had a quick chat. Should have gone in then, but said I would be back later and she was nowhere in sight. Had an oil massage in a place just off of Jomtien Beach road and it was great with HE. Cant remember the name of it for the life of me, but I will take a look when in town again, It was a bit of a dump inside but I was easily distracted from the decor
  15. Seems to be a lot more massage places around town these days, and noticed some new ones in Soi Chayapoon. I am assuming that these are Happy Ending places. Does any member here use massage places and if so where would you recommend, prices, experiences etc ? I would really appreciate it if this thread is used only for relevant replies and not for shit fights. Thanks UR