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  1. Duga-3 Radar installion photos - Chernobyl

    Faark me, it seems you visit your workplace between trips around the world.
  2. password managers

    Do a search for RoboForm, I use the limited free version. The full version has USB, and backup across all devices.
  3. Current censored members

    I think they are on what used to be called "mod watch" . Any post has to be approved by a mod before it appears on the forum. That is how MikeAsia/ Buckfast could post his Mea Culpa a couple of minutes ago.
  4. A Turkey For Christmas

    The imported turkeys are still banned due to bird flu concerns. Unlike the rest of the world the Thais have not rescinded the bans. Probably more than a little bit of a nudge from the local producers to keep this in place, if it was worthwhile market there would be some pressure from the US producers.
  5. E-Cigarettes Smuggled Through Line Application

    I would guess that with a well connected father as well as the surname he felt above most in his endeavours. Guess he missed the email stating that the rules are changing.
  6. Pattaya begins campaign to wipe out the Beach Rats

    Try removing the umbrellas along with their rubbish and the rats will reduce in numbers.
  7. New Harbour Mall Raided. Thousands of Pirate CDs Seized

    I am shocked that illegal copies of copyright material was found in a mall as new as that one.
  8. Hua Hin was the target, with the date being as significant as the location. The other locations were a warning. If the bombers wanted to make an economic statement they would have targeted some place that potentially had higher casualties, and used a larger bomb with built in shrapnel to ensure greatest possible carnage.
  9. Good luck with that. I wonder if it is an extension of the desire to have all foreigners wear a tracking bracelet idea that popped up a year or so ago. That idea sunk without a trace within a few weeks.
  10. A more effective message would to have voted no.
  11. He has posted some photos taken from his plane as it taxied past the stricken plane on FB and a link to some onboard video as the largely Indian passengers were getting off the crashed plane. He is now complaining about the heat in Dubai and is looking for an air-con bar, so I guess he is relatively unscathed.
  12. You have to wonder if the Tourism Minister has actually been a tourist or has she met a typical tourist? The holy grail of Thai tourism "the high quality tourist" that TAT and others froth about require a level of service and communication that Thailand is increasingly less able to supply. Thai hotels are recruiting from far and wide to get competent reliable staff at all levels as the locals do not meet international standards. Getting rid of the mid range tourist as they do not fit the ideal of the tourism department will also come back to bite the tourism industry as the unwanted will find other places for their holidays. So who will that leave? The brave who are not afraid of the violence, the fixed price package tourists, the "Club Med" brigade who spend their vacation in the walls of their resort. Good luck to the ancillary industries making a living out of that lot.
  13. I suppose the signs that all safari parks have about not getting out of the car did not apply to her. Oh! Wait ...
  14. No more visa runs after Aug 12

    You might want to look at the date of the original article. It is over 2 years old.
  15. Toll booths are finished in Pattaya

    I think lanzalad is saying the building of the toll booths is completed and they will be taking you money fairly soon.