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  1. As the acting senior in my unit, I was called in to see the nurse manager. Apparently a patient had complained about a conversation they had overheard and they were offended by it. I asked her if anyone else had complained, she said as far as she knew, no. So I then said, what makes this person so special that anyone has to give a shit what they think or what offends them? Everyone will eventually find something that offends them. She of course agreed with me. I then asked what the comment or comments were that so offended this soft bastard, and apparently it was some sort of sexual innuendo, and naturally my reply was it was down to them how they interpret an innuendo, and if they can find offence then perhaps they are the ones with a dirty mind, not my staff. I then asked if it was a male or female who complained-it was a female, so I said Tanya, why not just tel her to get fcuked, it may do her some good. She laughed and asked me to have a word with my staff. I then informed her that Recovery is a PC free zone, everyone (except the staff) is under the influence of opiate and other drugs so nothing anyone says would ever stand up anywhere. She again laughed and told me to piss off! Many people didn't like her, I did, her husband is a copper. Thankfully Australia is quite far behind the times in OTT PC, and the NT is even further behind. We call the Aboriginies black fellas, because that's what they call themselves, much like the Kiwi scenario, and new staff from down South are quite shocked, until they get into our ways. Funnily enough, the NT has a very, very diverse population Aboriginies (who mostly live out of town) being the most, followed by Westerners, Chinese, Filipinos, then I think Greek, then Thai, and everything else including Indians and Africans, and you know, we have zero problems with race relations, no ghettos and the only gangs are simply juveniles. I can't help thinking that our lack of PC and not sensetising everyone makes it more harmonious.
  2. Actually, an Indian explained to be that it shouldn't be an insult. There is some disagreement about where the word Paki came from, but Stan means homeland of, like Afghanistan is the homeland of the Afghanies. A Paki is therefore someone from the Paki homeland, no insult, however 40 odd years ago when commonsense died and PC started, it was deemed to be racist, like black board and black bags. Simply a load of shite.
  3. Some people! It's clear you are a Kiwi from your jandals, and the way you eat fush and chups at sux and then get a beer from your chully bun.
  4. Is he as nasty IRL?
  5. I don't believe so, I just think he is bored and can't handle his piss.
  6. Nah, they just don't get it. They'll never stop it. People will just use VPNs instead, like I do and the hosting sites will change all the time. Too many people in the film industry are paid too much money and the greedy bastards want more and more. A cinema ticket here costs $18-20. For a family of 4 with snacks, $100 has gone. Pay the overpaid movie people less, create their own PAYG streaming sites and charge something like $5 for a savable download, that way they'd get people at least paying something.
  7. Like I said somewhere else, Shit loafs of them on the Soi. I got one yesterday, and I'm not sure if it was because of the markets, but the busses finished there and then ranked up. The end of Baukhao at the marked end, pattaya Sai? Is blocked off basically only letting vehicles in. But yeah, still running. Interestingly, you can't flag one down on second road junction with Pattaya Sai.. think it is. I always used to do that as the ones that ranked up sometimes acted like taxis. Anyway, there is a red zone on the road where they can stop and a note on some of the busses that says they can only stop at designated points, though I had no problem getting them to stop wherever. Hope this helps.
  8. Prostate and prostrate is not a typo but rather a very common mistake which I hear and see frequently. It is not a point of grammar, just a misunderstanding of what the proper word is. Educating someone about what the gland is actually called is not correcting spelling or grammar, it is educating them. I look forward to your next post in a month.
  9. It is against the ethos of the forum to pick up someone for their spelling or grammar.
  10. That's because he believes in reincarnation whereas nature doesn't.
  11. Life is unfortunately about procuration, something I never managed.
  12. I got ripped off then, last time I was there, March, at the one just opposite the Triangle, she wanted 1000 for full service. Thanks for telling me the correct price, next time I will negotiate.
  13. It was/is called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, from memory, lack of sunlight affecting the Pineal gland in the brain, which influences all sorts of hormonal events. As usual I have forgotten more than I ever knew, due to booze and a lazy brain, but I seem to remember a pre-disposition for mental health issues didn't help that much.
  14. Go on, be a devil, bend the rules and take a peek, nobody will notice.
  15. Not started drinking yet, have to pick up my missus from work, then I can start.