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  1. Forum upgrade to 4.2 tonight...

    As long as nobody touches me emojis and emoticons I'm happy ..... not quite as easy to access as before but got them ... I like the new look takes a few seconds but looks modern well done mate.
  2. Deep investigation of expats

    The greatest post that has ever been on this forum ........... ..can't wait to meet old Songprode.
  3. Putting it back to how it should be...!

    I thought it was going to be a tramway like Blackpool We have met Uncle Albert but love your cartoons and maps me old Pugwash. You are one very talented old bastard...
  4. A few photos from Pattaya last week.

    I have now been to 4 of them. Air Canada is great and friendly but cramped. Beer on tap and as said super friendly like most Canadians. Lufthansa as you would imagine up stairs by that Fullers pub. ORDNUNG. The great German concept of order. You would like the food as I did and lovely beer and wine on tap and three layers of access which is bollocks. United ..by far the prettiest lounge beautiful design and biggest and best for booze and champagne. Bengali lads run the bars and just bang it out. Food is basic but design is awesome. My own fave Singapore ..... opposite Air Canada. Great food decent bar again free champagne Bengli lads or also cocktails which I don't drink. Only beer and wine. Singapore you can nick the sandwiches which are great. Ala Striderman. Hope this helps mate and again love to see the photos. You still out West London way ...... did you get any more pics of them Chinese tour groups ???? Namps
  5. A few photos from Pattaya last week.

    Good pics C ....my fave was the 15th one down the one with all the Chinese / Korean tour buses from Big Buddha hill great pic. Missed your post on piss up in Le Pub sadly be good to see you again mate
  6. Division 2 Playoffs

    Millwall fans invaded the pitch after beating the Grooming Gangs from oop North ....... their goal scorer Steve Morrison said it spoilt the whole day for him. Why ??? They're Millwall fans biggest thugs in the UK horrible nasty racist people and shit ground even the new little poxy stadium.
  7. EVA Air emergency exit row

    Damn --- day before ... could have got you in the lounges as a guest too. .... really nice bar downstairs under that main staircase btw. Restaurants upstairs overpriced and poncey. One bar upstairs is OK but gets crowded. Still iike Terminal 2 clean and modern unlike the old Terminal 3.
  8. EVA Air emergency exit row

    I'd get there even earlier around 5.35pm and check in first thing. Ask at Eva not flown them for a while but always good service I found. Terminal 2 is great and easy to while away the hours. I get to use the Star Alliance lounges so even better What day you flying out A mate ???
  9. Six nations predictions

    Was the final score England 63-23 or 61-21 .... I turned over
  10. Six nations predictions

    A sore head late Saturday evening ..... c'mon Ireland and then England ...... in the Kolkata (politically correct) Cup.
  11. Naked Frenchman Fails To Impress The Ladies

    Kanokwan Saleephol, the 34-year-old guesthouse owner said her guest appeared to be sad some days ago, saying he missed his wife whom he had split from before the trip to Thailand. She said nearly a full bottle of wine precipitated his appearance in the road and she is not impressed. I'm not impressed ..... case of red wine yes but a bottle ... must have been some petrol based Thai crap.
  12. What Have You Thought Of The World Cup ?

    Brazil has not been as open to this to the Germans since 1946 ........... Ozil missed a sitter Carpie should have been 8 - 0.
  13. What Have You Thought Of The World Cup ?

    I'd cull Fred .........
  14. Having A Piss

    I also remember DikMik ..he used to be ex Pink Fairies I seem to recall. Remember that Bob Calvert they were all quite chemically enhanced young men ahem. the link to having a piss ...... ah sod it who cares
  15. Having A Piss

    +1 ..best city in the world right now when the sun is out. Lovely .... Met Lemmy once in 1970 he was shagging this under ........ OK she was my best mate at the time and we were both the same age...young. He was playing with Hawkwind ...I met the legendary Stacia too anyone remember her ??? ......... she is now mid Sixties and living in Devon or Cornwall what a body back in 1970. he used to run with Hells Angels back then from Brummie land Wolverhampton?? I seem to recall ... friendly enough guy.