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  1. Ais, true or DTAC

    Pretty sure that is AIS, my carrier also.
  2. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    Yes the room temperature mini bar is a bit useless. Been known to spend the whole of the flight to Dubai at the bar drinking and grazing the bar snacks.
  3. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    They generally serve Colheita* ports from different companies. Like you say not cheap to buy retail in the UK. *A tawny port made from the very best grapes of a single harvest and aged at least seven years in oak but generally kept in oak until the year it is ready to drink.
  4. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    Flying out of Oslo with Qatar I noticed that the port they had on board was extremely good. It was my first time with dining on demand so I tested it out by having cheese board and port followed by cheese board and port then cheese board and port and finally dessert and port before having a little nap.
  5. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    BA 0010 BKK-LHR has a bad reputation at the moment partially as it is crewed by Mixed Fleet who are in dispute with the management and also as it is known as the party plane with the crew having just spent 24 hours in Bangkok and probably have bigger hangovers than the customers.
  6. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    I did China Southern from Schiphol two Christmases ago for the absolute bargain price of £900 with short stopovers in CAN. They were not Emirates or Qatar quality but no real complaints expect white wine could have been cooler and in bigger glasses.
  7. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    After emailing customer service about the food on the above flight I got an apologetic call from them today. Plus 10,000 avios. To be honest the scum class journey to Bangkok was more enjoyable than Club World on the way back. Another thing that really annoyed me is in a time when new aircraft are being built advertising lighting that reduces jet lag crew are still going round on day time flights closing all the window blinds to encourage people to sleep and thus give themselves an easier flight.
  8. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    Not entirely sure what went wrong on this flight but the food and service were just an absolute disgrace.Now before I start with what I got I thought there were some strange choices on the menu.So are on a flight from Bangkok to London and you'll have some locals and holiday makers that wish to have a taste of Thailand in their meal choices. First meal service has Thai Green Curry (veg) and the second Thai Red Curry (chicken). Really? No one could come up with two Thai dishes that were a little bit more different?So anyway the meal service begins and I was going to have the chicken satay starter and main course salad with grilled prawns. Unfortunately the chicken satay dish is off and has been replaced by a prawn dish which turns out to be every ingredient from the chicken satay apart from the chicken and obviously with prawns."Ah," I said, "don't want the prawns for starter as I'm having the prawn main meal."I should not have worried as the prawn salad was off.So I know where they got the prawns from but wonder where the chicken went.Ok so prawns for starter and I'll have garlic herb crusted chicken breast with onion sauce, mashed potatoes, mushroom, spinach and tomato. What could go wrong with that.Well I'm not sure how they did it but the potatoes were disgusting to the point I wasn't eating them. The chicken breast was dry and I got no hint of herb or garlic or chicken to be honest and the onion sauce could not save it even if there had been enough of it. Mushrooms were very meh, tomato and spinach were fine but all in all inedible. The bread roll didn't win any prizes either. I just gave up and refused to eat it.Now when this was served I'd been drinking rose champagne and really wanted a glass of chardonnay but the FA was off too quickly. No problem, press the call bell. Which is reset before anyone comes. Press it again and think I'd better get on with eating my food. Eventually some one arrives and notices I'm not eating my main course and after I tell them it is disgusting I ask why no one has answered my call button. Obviously I'm just asked what did I want and I say it was the wine but it is a bit too late now and I'll have port instead as cheese and crackers will be my next choice. This does not appear for fifteen minutes. During that time I am offered the vegetable thai green curry to replace my inedible main but that isn't going work for me.So a couple of hours later I'm a bit peckish and go to raid the club kitchen where I find some quite pleasant snacks. Back at my seat I think I need a G&T with this but ten minutes later no one has arrived or even been in our cabin. There is no one in the galley between the two club world cabins and indeed no member of staff in the larger CW cabin. I do find one in the second galley. I ask and my call button is tested and appears to be working but three times I've tried to use it and been ignored. Bad service.Now on to the second meal service. Strangely there appears to be no choice unlike stated in the menu. I ask the FA about this but am just told everyone is having the same, no explanation.The starter turns out to be smoked salmon with a wasabi dressing. The dressing is tasteless but salmon is fine. Now this is a pity because my choice of main was going to be a meze that had smoked salmon as a major part and now I have to choose again. This is like the two Thai curry dishes strange or inept menu planning with two dishes containing something as strong tasting as smoked salmon.I find it strange that the fresh fruit dessert is served with the starter? Ok main meal choice. Or actually complete lack of choice. The Thai red curry or the aforementioned meze are the only things left. Now I don't want smoked salmon followed by smoked salmon so I'm given one choice and this is unacceptable to me and I tell the FA so and just want my table cleared and decide to get something to eat when I disembark in a restaurant. All in all the lack of service and terrible food were completely unacceptable. The strange thing about all this is that on my flight out I was in Economy and ordered a £15 vegetarian kitchen meal which was an absolute pleasure to eat and of much higher quality than my CW meal.
  9. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    OK on my way back in Club World. Absolutely no queues at check-in but it really annoys me that in the days of online check-in I still have to go to the check-in counter because I need the fast track coupon and pass for the business lounge. I've flown with BA, Gulf, China Southern, Qatar, Emirates and KLM / Air France in business over the last few years and none had sorted this problem. Right it's wheels up time...
  10. iPhone X

    I think that they are near the top of possibilities for mobiles right now. What actually is ground breaking with the IPhone X? Nothing I can think of. Facial recognition? How is that better than touch recognition? Are fingerprints not unique enough? How do you discretely switch on your phone under a desk/table to check it now you have to look at it? This isn't an anti Apple thing Android phones are the same.
  11. introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome to the board and don't be shy.
  12. introduce yourself to the forum

    Yes, couple of brilliant lads have gone back from our area to do their two years and I can't wait for them to return.
  13. introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome to the forum and get yourself a ticket bought pal.
  14. BA 009 LHR-BKK scum class

    Got myself a litre of Bombay Sapphire East for £17 from the in flight duty free which I was pleased with. Also got a nice smelling bottle of Eau de Parfume for myself but I think I might be allergic to it as my nose has been dripping like a tap since I put a bit on. Immigration was quite and I wasted 850 baht on fast track from Bangkok flight services but peace of mind is worth it IMHO.