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  1. Fantasy Football 2017-18

    I've created a league in Fantasy Premier League called Cherry Bar Classic League. 1st prize 5000 Baht 2nd-4th 1000 Baht Tab at Cherry Bar Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use this link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/?autojoin-code=791406-190413. You shouldn't need the league code, but just in case here it is: 791406-190413.
  2. For those guys that like fantasy football, I've created a league for this season. First create a team, then join a league. Code to join this league: 673143-187025 https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/home 3 spaces left in H2H league- Code to join this league: 673143-351336
  3. Do you like English Fantasy Football ? If yes why not join my league ? Cherry Bar Classic League Code to join this league: 277228-74447 http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ (100 players in league already)
  4. I've created a league in Fantasy Premier League called Cherry Bar Classic League. FIRST PRIZE 5000 Baht 2ND-5TH PRIZE 1000 Baht Tab in the Cherry Bar Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use this link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/52881/join/?autojoin-code=192378-52881. You shouldn't need the league code, but just in case here it is: 192378-52881.
  5. Cherry Bar Head to Head League. Code to join this league: 367330-305539
  6. Question To Mods ?

    Why are there so many pinned threads that are match reports from 3 years ago ?
  7. The new Cherry Bar Fantasy Football League is up and running. Code to join this league: 367330-95083 The prize for the winner is gonna be fun. My team is called Cherry Bar United. For every place you finished above me, you win 300 Baht. e.g You beat me my 30 places you win 9000 Baht. So tell all your friends to join. The more people that play the more money you could win ! However when I win, you all owe me a beer ! Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use this link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game: http://fantasy.premi...de=367330-95083. You shouldn't need the league code, but just in case here it is: 367330-95083.
  8. The Butterfly Flies To Phuket

    Day 4 The alarm clock goes off at 700am. I hate early starts, but if you want to be a tourist, you have to make these sacrifices. Me and the folks had booked a trip to the Phi Phi Islands . The mini bus picks me up at 730am and all way to the pier I sleep. [] Before we set off on the boat, they try and sell us some braed ! We were on one of those big speedboats. There must have been about 30 people on board. First stop, Maya Bay (on Phi Phi Ley Island), where the movie, “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed. I was really looking forward to visiting here, one of the so called most beautiful beaches the world. Talk about disappointed, our boat could hardly get a space on the beach. There were just too many tourists doing the same trip as us. I was gutted, I would of loved to have visited here 10-15 years ago. Then it was back on the boat, to travel to the next spot. Monkey Beach (on Phi Phi Don). Nobody was paying much attention to the sign. It’s a shame how too much tourism can ruin paradise. Then it was off to do some snorkelling. Next we headed to Phi Phi Don village and had lunch on the Ton Sai Bay side. Ton Sai Bay Loh Dalam Bay They are still rebuilding from the Tsunami which did so much damage to the island. Last stop of the day was Khai Nok for more snorkelling and relaxation. The water was so clear and the fish very colourful, but all this snorkelling was thirsty work. I needed to find a bar ! Problem solved. [] Now this is what I call paradise ! Soon it was time to return to Phuket. The price for the whole day was around 2500 Baht, (I think) Good value IMO. After saying good bye to Mum and Dad, it was really great catching up with them again. It was time to return to Patong. Tonight was date night with the lovely Beer. Where should we go I thought ? The cinema seemed a good start. So I went to the big shopping mall near Soi Bangla to check what was on. The best times were for a film called. “Impossible”, A film about the tsunami which hit Phuket. It seemed quite fitting to watch this film in Phuket. So I head off to Soi Gonzo to pick up Beer. And guess what ? She's not there ! It’s nearly 9pm and not only is she not at the bar, like most bars in the complex, they are not even open ! What a crazy town whose bars open so late and close so early ! What do I do now ? F%ck it, I’ll watch the movie on my own ! It wasn’t bad, very moving. Watch it, if you get the chance. After the movie, I returned back to Beer’s bar, who are now open. The Mamasan says that Beer is doing her make up and will be here in 30 minutes. I thought, I’m not waiting here on my own and hit a couple of bars in the complex. First bar, same same Cherry Bar, but different ! Second bar, same same lady but different ! I return 30 minutes later and she has finally arrived ! So being a tourist we play the games. This sums my luck up. First throw I turn 6 over. Next throw, I throw 2 sixes ! Then I hear a female voice shout. “Adam”. I turn round and see a girl that used to work at the bar next to my old bar in Soi 8 Pattaya. I ask her, what she is doing in Phuket and she says she work bar here now. “Why?”, I asked. “My boyfriend told me to stop work bar in Pattaya”, she replied. Well I supposed she isn’t really lying is she ? Beer is looking worried, on who this girl is, so II decide being the LDOP that I am, I would ring the bell. Then I am really confused as myself and everybody in the bar gets a tequila. I asked where my Sangsom Coke was, and I was told that I couldn’t get one. “Why ?”, I asked. “Look sign, you ring bell, everybody gets a shooter”. “OK, I ring bell again but this time, everybody can choose what they want to drink”, I replied. I am then told that I am crazy farang, but I get my Sangsom, while all the girls in the bar are now very confused, that they can have any drink they want. They end up all choosing a second tequila ! It was time to leave the bar, and hit Soi Bangla. First stop, I thought I would take her to a Russian GoGo, to see what she thought. She was impressed, and at 285 Baht for a beer, I would hope so ! Next it was the Ice bar. Look at the cool pictures you can get, when it’s -25c ! Next we had a couple of drinks in the New Tiger complex. Nothing has been done with the old tiger complex Then I treated her to a slap up meal ! We finished the night at Tai Pan. There was a lot of hot free lancers there. I wish I had gone there on my first night. But I wasn’t disappointed when I got back to the room with Beer. Again they tried and failed to get a 500 Bath joiner fee out of me at the hotel ! There was one more interesting story to tell. Early morning, Beer had left the hotel to get some more food (How many times does a Thai girl eat in one day ?) When I woke up, we had some more horizontal fun and I paid her the 2500 Baht long time that she wanted. She leaves and I pack my stuff up. However I can’t find my room key. And then I realise that she still probably has it and forgotten all about it. There goes my 1000 Baht key deposit I think. So I check out and explain, that I have lost my key . The cashier at reception demands 2000 Baht from me for losing the key. I then show her my receipt, and ask her, “what does this say ?”. She replies, “This is a deposit for if you lose key”. I smile and say thank you and leave the building. Then it’s back to Bangkok. The thought was nice ! (Sherry Bar, he was so close) Overall I enjoyed the trip, it was a nice change of scenery. It was great to catch up with the folks and see some new places. Hey it was expensive, I spent 35000 Baht in 4 days. But the girls were fun and I had a good time. Would I go back ? Probably not in the next few years.
  9. The Butterfly Flies To Phuket

    Day 3 A bit off a hangover, waking up today. But after doing the business with last night’s bar fine. I’m off to visit the folks at their hotel in Kamela. I managed a few hours’ sleep around the pool, and then went for a swim. Reminder, always empty all your pockets before entering a swimming pool ! Late afternoon, we explored the beach, and visited the bar right at end. Not the easiest bar in the world to enter ! Then after eating on one of the beach restaurants, it was time to say good bye to Mum and Dad and return to Patong. A few more observations, about Patong. Drinks prices. As mentioned before their prices are higher than Pattaya but every GoGo and most beer bars I visited all had menus with their drink prices on them. I presume they got a lot of complaints before. A lack of tattoos on the girls compared to Pattaya. The lack of Russian tourists there. It’s just too expensive for them. While Pattaya is being overrun by them Tuk Tuks. We are so lucky in Pattaya with the Baht Bus system. You get on their normal route and it’s only 10 Baht. In Patong you could travel for only a couple of minutes and it will set you back 200 Baht. And I was quite suprized that I didn’t see many motorbike taxis. The hammer and nail game. A very popular game in the bars in Patong, which you never see in Pattaya. How touristy and tacky it is for a so called peaceful family resort . Be it the 100s of market stalls or shops for things like crocs and Kitty And how pushy the touts in Soi Bangla were, in either getting you to visit the ping pong gogo shows or even having a go on a mini shooting range. How It was always so packed in the middle of Soi Bangla, at the entrance of Soi Crocodile (the ladyboy street) With all the ladyboys hassling people to take their picture. But I would have to admit during my visit,. Soi Crocodile and the new Tiger Beer Bar complex were the busiest complexes while other side roads were very quiet. Most of the bar action was located on just one main road. Soi Bangla. I have to confess, I didn’t do any research before, so if anybody knows other bar areas in Patong, I would be keen to hear where they are. Is this the future of Pattaya. Will there be zoning one day here and everything pushed over second road ? I thought I found one new bar area, but it was just a building site ! OK on with the trip. The plan for tonight was to watch the English football, pick up a GoGo hottie for a short time, and then have an early night, as I was doing an islands day trip the next day and needed to be up before 7am ! First I watched the Man City v Man United game at Scruffy Murphy. I hear they have a very good live band, but didn’t get the opportunity to hear them. Strange that there isn’t an Irish Pub on Walking Street in Pattaya anymore. Always a good sign of a tourist trap ! I then watched my team, West Ham lose to Liverpool at these 2 bars (i love the first bar's sign) Before hitting the gogo bars to get a girl. I thought I check out if Beer was working tonight (the girl that let me down the night before) and suprize suprize she was. So I paid bar fine for her for Monday (the next day). I didn’t want to get let down on my last night ! (I couldn’t be that unlucky ?) Target 1 – The lovely Joy from Playschool. She was sex on legs. I had met her the night before and I promised to return today. However when I got there, it was just after 1am and the Mamasan explained I was too late and she go with customer already. And then for the only time on the holiday I lost my rag. I said to myself at the beginning of the trip the high drink prices and top money for the ladies wouldn’t bother me. I was here to have a good time, not penny pinch. But when the check bin came for my Sangsom Coke, it read 200 Baht. I wasn’t happy ! (I think it was because ii was upset that I had missed out on Joy) The Mamasan showed me the bar menu which stated 200. I never read the drink price menus , but now I understand why they have them !. I paid her the 200 Baht with a smile. Then walked over to the bar area and poured my drink down the sink and left the building ! Target 2- One of the hotties in Suziy Wongs This was my favourite GoGo of the trip. Always a good line up and some very fun girls. I soon spotted a girl I liked. Blonde, Tattoos and Piercings. She ticked all the boxes ! Drinks were quickly consumed, bar fine paid, 2000 Baht short time agreed, and expensive Sangsom cokes forgotten ! And it was money well spent, she was great and I think I gave her the best 17 minutes of her life ! Unfortunately she would not let me take a picture of her. She told me that some guys put the girl’s pictures on the internet. Who are these scoundrels ! And also for the second time on the trip, the bell boy wanted a 500 Baht joiner fee when we entered the hotel. I showed him my receipt for a room for 2 persons and explained, that this shy girl wearing a leather mini skirt and sexy long leather boots was my wife, much to the girl’s amusement. Day 4 to follow. A trip to visit Phi Phi and hopefully Date Night, she couldn’t stand me up again could she ?
  10. The Butterfly Flies To Phuket

    Day 2 Early start for me, up at 1pm. ( I don’t normally see daytime in Pattaya ! ) First task of the day is to change rooms from my twin room to a double room, no problems there. Then it’s off in a Tuk Tuk to visit Mum & Dad in Kamala. They were staying at the Kamala Beach Resort. http://www.kamalabeach.com/ A great place to stay, if you’re with a girlfriend/wife the hotel was excellent. They were staying all-inclusive, so they managed to sneak me a few cocktails. Look at that 7 year tan ! After a few hours by the pool. We had a walk along the beach. And had a look at the Memorial to remember the 2004 Tsunami. Which caused such tragic loss in the area. Soon it was time for sunset. So we stopped at a couple of bars to watch the sun go down. It was a such tranquil setting, so different from the loud and brash Patong, only 20 minutes away. I loved the concept of having a cocktail at a bar on the beach. Then after having dinner with the folks in one their hotel’s many restaurants. It was time to return to Patong. I had my girl lined up for tonight, “Beer” that I had met last night, my dilemma was for tomorrow. Tonight was Saturday, on Monday I was doing a day trip with the folks to Phi Phi Island and some neighbouring islands. Pickup time was going to be 730-800 am Monday morning. (In Pattaya, that’s when I normally go to bed). So I needed to line up a short time for tomorrow so I could get an early night. I thought let’s splash the cash and visit some GoGo bars. First stop Play School. To start with. after ordering a beer. I wasn’t impressed, not much nudity and no pretty girls, I was ready to leave. But then I saw “JOY”. WOW, The girl was HOT HOT HOT. And not shy, she was all over me like a rash. She was a bit upset, I wouldn’t go with her that night. But I promised her I would be back tomorrow. 1000 Baht fine, 2000 Baht short time, no problem, “Me, 4 Day Millionaire”. I needed a back up plan though, as my luck isn’t the greatest on this topic. On my last trip to Angeles, I f***ed up too much, by leaving it too late in the evening to bar fine. So next stop was my favourite GoGo from the previous night. Suzy Wong’s. Again the line up was very impressive, I had plenty of options there. I was sorted for tomorrow. Ok it was now 10pm, now I am a very keen football fan (soccer for you guys that live in 3rd World countries !) So the plan was to watch football for 2 hours in some beer bars and then pick up Beer at midnight. I decided to visit Soi Eric. I was suprized how quiet it was, compared to the Tiger Complex. But I wasn’t after a girl, I just wanted to chill out and watch the football. Another suprize was only half the bars in the complex were showing the football. In Pattaya nearly all the bars would be showing the games. I visited six bars in the 2 hours. I was on the Sangsom Cokes now, the price ranged from 70 Baht to 120 Baht. Some observations from the complex • Music – very good, the complex had one sound system. They were playing 70s.80s.90s & 00s music, no Hip Hip. • Some bars were letting customers sit inside the bar. I have never seen that before. • The rents. A small beer bar at the back of the complex was paying 2.5 million Baht key money for 3 years and 33,000 Baht rent a month. The owner said she was struggling. • Peanuts, In the old days all the Pattaya bars offered them • The toilet price. (I wonder how soon, Pattaya gets a price increase ? Okay, time to pick up my lady Beer. And guess what ? She’s not there, she’s sick they say ! (A likely story) But it was midnight, I had time on my hands, unlike the night before. So bar hoping I went. Now this girl in the Tiger Complex. She could dance. And here’s a short video. She’s Impressive don’t you think ? At the end of the night, I bar fined a beer bar girl from Soi Sea Dragon, the girl in the middle. However I took her 2 friends with us to a Karaoke bar. I think, I’m a little drunk now ! We leave the Karaoke bar at 5am,and my teelak rings a taxi. What lovely pair of eyes she has ! Then it’s back to the room for romantic. 2500 Baht for long time, but she looked after me VERY well. Worth every penny or should that be Baht. Day 3 to follow – GoGo superstar, here I come !
  11. Ok, for those guys that don’t know me, my name is Adam and I own a bar in Soi Diana. I have been living in Thailand for over 7 years. Every year my parents come to visit. In December they came to Phuket and I went to see them for 4 days. This trip report will not be a shagfest report with lots of naughty pictures, but an informative and honest report of my experiences good/bad in Phuket. I hope you enjoy it. Right let’s get started. Getting to Phuket. Options (1) Bus. – over 12 hours on a bus = No thank you ! (2) Plane- either from Pattaya (U-Tapao airport) with Bangkok Airlines . OR from Bangkok with either Air Asia, Bangkok Airways or Thai Airways. If you book early enough, you should be able to get a flight from Bangkok for around two to three thousand baht depending on dates. ( from Pattaya a lot more expensive) I left it rather late to book About 5 days before departure and I paid 6500 Baht on Thai Airways. Accommodation You're spoilt for choice. I wanted to be as near the nightlife as possible. My only worry was joiner fees. I had heard a lot of stories about hotels charging you a fee when you brought somebody back to the room. Luckily I had a customer in the bar, who had just been to Phuket. His Thai wife knew a travel Agent in Phuket, so she booked a room for me. She booked a room for TWO persons to make sure I wouldn’t have problems. Day 1 It was a nice smooth flight, only 1 hour 25 mins. I get to the airport exit, avoiding all the touts and turn right to the meter taxi stand. They tell me it will cost 500 Baht avoiding to tell me about the airport surcharge cost of 100 Baht. So total cost was 600 Baht. I was staying at the Aloha Villa http://www.phuket-aloha.com/ A nice touch The roof top swimming pool which I never had time to use. The room was Ok http://www.phuket-aloha.com/room-rates.htm Their published room rate was 1900 Baht, but my Thai friend had got it for me for 1400 Baht, so a bit of a bargain there. I checked in, giving them 1000 Baht for a key deposit (who ever loses a key ? ). Then I noticed a sign on the reception wall. “If you bring a guest back to the room, you will be charged an extra 500 Baht” . They had already taken away my receipt, for my booking for a room for TWO persons. So I asked them to make a copy for me, I sensed problems ahead (and how right I was !) I am showed up to my room for TWO persons and what do I get ? a room with twin beds ! I tried to move rooms, but the hotel was full. But they promised me I could move rooms tomorrow, so I had to settle to pushing the two beds together. Tonight’s bar fine won’t be impressed I thought. I hadn’t been to Phuket for 10 years, so my knowledge of Patong was limited. I should have done some research before I came, but I was just too lazy. There is a very good forum about Phuket called, http://www.phuket-info.com/ The main strip of bars in Patong is Bangla Road. (Map doesn’t include new Tiger Complex) My hotel was about 3 mins walk away. I had about 2 hours to kill before Mum and Dad were coming to my hotel, so I thought I better do some exploring. During my exploring I stopped in for some refreshment at Rock Hard Agogo. The only afternoon gogo in town. I think they opened at 2pm. They claim to be the GoGo where the stars go. Ronnie Wood and Robbie Williams have been there according to their website ! When I walked in there was about 4 girls dancing (none topless) and another 10 girls mulling around. My Sangsom coke was 165 Baht !. My first impression of Patong were not good. However the 6 young Aussie guys in the bar were having a ball. Soon it was time to catch up with Mum and Dad. They were staying in a quiet resort called Kamela, about 20 mins drive from Patong. My mum asked me, why I was staying in Patong and not Kamela. She even said, “I think you’ve only come to Phuket to visit the bars and not us”. The cheek of it, LOL. My mum also asked, if I knew anybody in Patong, and I replied, “no”. But on my first night I bumped into 2 Cherry Bar customers and 3 ex Pattaya bar girls ! I spent about 4 hours with them. We ate, had some drinks and explored some market stalls. The bubbery jam was lovely ! The vendors in Patong are very over zealous, my Mum was not impressed and said she wouldn’t be coming back to Patong again ! It was great to catch up with them, but the time was now 1130pm, and as they travelled back to their hotel I had to visit some bars ! First stop was, on the left, on Soi Bangla heading towards the beach. The new Tiger Beer Bar Complex. It was massive, there must have been over 40 bars in the complex. I was about one minute into the complex, when I hear a girl scream, “ADAM”. I’d known the girl on the left as a hostess in a Pattaya GoGo bar for over 2 years, what a small world ! I ordered a Sangsom Coke (100 Baht) and 3 lady drinks. Now I knew this trip was going to be expensive, so I decided from the start, that I had to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy my holiday. I wasn’t going to be a Cheap Charlie. I wanted to party and have a good time. So when the 3 lady drinks came at 200 Baht each, I wasn’t bothered and I quite liked the fact that the girls got 80 Baht from it (In Pattaya, the girl normally only gets 30 Baht). Now every bar in the complex had coyote girls dancing on them (I forget to ask what their bar fines were) but all the normal girls in this bar and I think the whole complex, their bar fine was 1000 Baht ! But there was a lot of stunning girls in the complex. After one more Sangsom, I left the bar and was heading out the complex, only to be stopped again by another girl who knew me, from Soi 7 (Pattaya). However I made my excuses and went over the road to a GoGo bar called Exotica. Now the thing that stuck in my head about this GoGo was one of the ping pong style shows they had. A turtle show, now you don’t see that every day ! I decided to hit some beer bars. Not much tickled my fancy, until I saw this girl. We were getting on quite well, hey how can you not like a lady called, “Beer” ? We were having fun, but I wanted to do more exploring, so I promised her, that I would be back tomorrow to bar fine her. I decided to give the GoGo bars another chance and hit Soi Sea Dragon. The main street for GoGo bars in Patong I did 3 GoGo bars. Candy – Not good Suzie Wongs – Very good. Lots of pretty topless girls who were good fun and interactive. I had a good time there. Suzie Wongs 2 – Good. They did some nude shows. Right here comes my favourite story of the trip. Now Pattaya has, what they call Agency Coyote girls that work in the GoGo bars. Now in Suzie Wongs 2 they had a girl who was an Agency Showgirl. She actually referred to herself as a model. And with her long sexy legs, big natural tits and sweet face you would believe her. We got chatting. Bar fine = 2600 Baht, Lady Drink = 225 Baht (a small orange juice which she always got over 20 a night she claimed !). And “boom boom” , I ask ? “5000 to 12000 Baht, depends if I like customer ! But you make me laugh, I will go with you for 5000 Baht” , she replied. Now you guys might be choking on your beer, but I felt honoured and was very tempted. The girl was a babe. “That is for long time “, I ask ?” She just laughs, “of course not, I only do short time” And as her 3rd lady drink arrives (which she does not touch), she says, “Oh I see big money customer come in bar now, nice to meet you”, and she walks away. However I had really nice time with her, and it’s not often you get to touch a body like that up. Yikes it was 2am, and I still hadn’t got a girl. While I was there, most of the beer bars and GoGo bars were closing around 3am. (but this is subject to change, as before it was around the 2am mark). The busiest place I seen that night was the Tiger Complex, so I guessed that would be my best chance. And for the 3rd time that night in Tiger, somebody who used to work in Pattaya recognised me.(from Atlantic bar) The bar had some nice girls. However, I only had eyes for one girl, the girl making the drinks behind the bar, what a cutie. WOW ! However I didn’t read the signs well and after buying drinks for her and myself for over 1 hour. When I tried to bar fine her, she said no, she was only service and did not go with customers. What a Newbie! LOL All the bars were closing now, so I asked somebody if they could recommend a late night place still open. (I don’t really like discos). They recommended somewhere called the Chang Club Hotel. I somehow found the place. It was meant to have some freelancer action, but all I saw were a few couples playing pool and no single girls in the bar. I’d given up on getting a girl now, as I had to be round by parent’s hotel at lunchtime, but I thought I would have one last drink at the Tiger Disco (above the Tiger beer bar complex). On the way, I walked past Hummer Restaurant, which made me laugh. Tiger Disco was busy with over 200 people inside, but it wasn’t a patch on Insomnia Pattaya. So night one, hadn’t gone as planned. But it was great to catch up with the folks again, I had fun in most of the bars. And even though I didn’t get my end away, I had a bar fine lined with Beer tomorrow, what could go wrong ?
  12. Rockhouse Fantasy League

    sure. classic is 54826-18626 h2h is 54826-18979
  13. Rockhouse Fantasy League

    I am in. The same guy keeps beating me in every game ! Sunnybower Rovers you're gonna get your arse kicked this season !