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  1. Well Celtic back then would be a force to be reckoned in Europe, had players like Henrik Larsson, Mjallby, Neil Lennon, Petrov and others, reached the UEFA cup final and were regularly featuring in the Champions League. The club is more or less at the same level as it used to be back then, but other European clubs are now miles ahead of Celtic.
  2. Doesn't make sense to spend big money to buy a player if you've got many players playing in the same position. Celtic were a much bigger club (in relative terms) back then.
  3. McGregor is an international player, he has been playing for a few years but isn't a youngster any more. Eboue is not a youngster you promoted through your academy, you bought him for 3million like you said. I don't know why he doesn't get much playing time considering you spent a fair bit on him. In the end of the day there's nothing wrong in buying talented players and selling them at a profit. You fans might not like that players tread the club as a stepping stone in their career but that's the way it is nowadays.
  4. McGregor and Armstrong get to play but aren't kids any more. The others just get some token playing time so the team can claim "to promote youngsters" and yadda yadda. Sure Scottish football is physical and there wasn't a shortage of aggressive players there last time I checked. It's sink or swim though, if the kids aren't good enough at 18-19 to challenge for a first team place, chances are that they'll never be good enough. Sure, you get the occasional late bloomers but there is a good reason why thousands of footballers every year retire at the ages of 18-19.
  5. Maybe the squad is mostly under 23 if you get to include the youth team. Regardless of that you only get to see 4 u23s regularly playing for the team Tierney, Dembele, Simunovic and Roberts. Henderson gets some time off the bench as well. Well out of the ones playing regularly only one is Scottish and one doesn't even belong to you. The Scottish league is a place for youngsters to showcase their skills and that's the reason Solanke might be joining you. Just happens that these youngsters aren't Scottish.
  6. Sevco spent a ridiculous amount of money when they were playing in the lower leagues and still managed not to get promoted 2 years ago. Is it the same league that Celtic have been winning for the past 6 years? Isn't it the one they win by 20 points on average? I don't know, but maybe the kids in your youth team didn't have enough potential, they just looked good because their opposition was crap. But if this is the way you Celtic fans think and the way the management think, players like Islam Feruz are better off heading to Chelsea. (By the way Tierney was impossible to ignore I guess).
  7. Celtic should have done that 5 years ago as with Rangers playing in the 3rd division all they had to do was turn up in order to win the title. The real test is using players in important games, not in end of season fixtures after you have clinched the title.
  8. Yup, 16yo is not the same as 17yo and is not the same as 18yo. There is a huge difference even though it's only one year. Odegaard was a bit of an oddity, they guy was playing in the men's national team at 15 and he was the best player there. When he signed for Real Madrid he added so many clauses in the contract, that would force Real Madrid to have him train with the first team and field him in the various friendly tournaments RM are invited during the summer. Now the guy isn't good enough for Real Madrid starting eleven yet, so he had to be loaned out to another club in order to get playing time. Well he didn't want to be loaned out, so he went to play for the B' team (playing in the 3rd division). They finally got some sense into him and they loaned him out to Heerenveen where I expect him to get a lot of playing time. It's not that it went bad for him, he gets to play in a 2nd rate European league. On the other hand I don't think he would have improved much had he stayed in Norway, the competition level there is too low, the coaching is nowhere near the coaching level of Real Madrid and the training facilities are good for a semi pro club, but not among the world's best. By the way teams don't let their youngsters rot in the reserves. They tend to loan them to other affiliated clubs where they get regular first team football.
  9. Well plenty of clubs have U16s, U15s, U17s, U18s, U20s, U23s etc. Some clubs go for the best ones, it doesn't cost that much to sign them when they're young and if one of them ends up being a 20 million pound player later on you're well ahead. A few of them might be good enough to play in the first team like Courtois or Moses. It's a win-win as the players get a good contract, the club ensures that they'll get playing time and if they prove to be good they'll get a chance in the first team. Liverpool bring kids through as well. They just tend to leave them at their feeder club Southampton first 555. Kids can sign a contract with maximum duration of 3 years at 16. Which often means that when they are 19 they can leave the club and sign another contract with another team. However they are NOT free agents. Teams that sign players who have only signed contracts when they were under 18, or haven't signed a professional contract before they turned 18 have to pay compensation to the team that has trained the player. If the player isn't offered a contract though then they can leave as a free agent. However if the player leaves for a local team, the amount of compensation is decided by a local tribunal. If the player leaves for a foreign club (sorry I have no idea if Welsh clubs playing in the English football pyramid are considered to be foreign or not, probably not though) then the amount of compensation is decided by FIFA. Actually English clubs require compensation when a player leaves their club for another club if he is under the age of 24, which is against the Bosman law and FIFA/UEFA regulations, but nobody has bothered challenging it. In the UK players tend to sign their first contract when they turn 16, so you've got plenty of players that need to decide for their future when they turn 19. Now if they move to another English club, a decision would have to be made regarding the compensation their old club would receive. The perceived value of the player can be anything under the sun. For example when Zeki Fryers wanted to leave Manchester United to join Tottenham Hotspur the tribunal would have rewarded Manchester United something in the range of 6-8 million pounds as compensation. FIFA on the other hand use a straight cut formula that takes into account the player wages, cost of training plus some profit so the guy moved to a club in Belgium (Standard Liege) for 400,000 or so. Six months later the Spurs signed him from Standard Liege and SAF was whinging. Another guy from Manchester United didn't want to sign a new contract, so his agent paid the 800,000 pound compensation, took him to another club, then sold him back to Manchester United for 90 million pounds. Celtic last year signed a really good player Moussa Dembele for less than a million, they're probably going to sell him for 35 million or so this year. Rinse, repeat. Teams offer high wages to 16 year olds, but not like 30K a week. But maybe they'll get to offer that sooner or later. Spanish clubs have a much better system with dealing with their youth prospects. They offer their players a basic wage, that is increased if one of many clauses are met (like playing with the first team). End of the year he extends his contract for another year with the same clauses remaining on effect. Thus a player doesn't have in mind contract talks or transfers, if he performs he knows that he'll be getting more money and if he gets to be a first team regular he'll be earning only a bit less than what other first team regulars earn.
  10. Nice pics, hope you haven't grown 4 more dicks after being exposed to so much radiation.
  11. OK this is f**ked up http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39571776
  12. Watching Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid yesterday I think that only one of them might get to qualify in the semis. Barcelona have many problems in their defence, and were exposed when they lost against PSG and lost against Malaga. Real Madrid only have 2 fit central defenders left and one of them is Ramos who will get a yellow card soon in the game. Ronaldo has lost a bit of pace and while Benzema and Bale don't look at their best. Atletico Madrid have punched above their weight but it's going to be an end of an era for them in the summer with Simeone leaving the club, Griezmann sold to the highest bidder and many players in the wrong side of 30. Now Barcelona are playing against Juventus, a team not performing well, if it wasn't for Higuain they wouldn't have been leading the table in Italy. Barcelona though will maintain possession at a ridiculous level as usual and this will help them to get a decent result in Italy (even if they lose by 1 goal) and will get to qualify in the end. Real Madrid will struggle against Bayern, might get to see them trashed as well. Leicester seem to have recovered after the sacking of Ranieri and could make headlines once more by beating Atletico. Leicester can beat Atletico in their own game. The final clash would be Borussia Dortmund vs Monaco. This can go either way, but Borussia are the favourites here.
  13. Leicester got to quafily for the quarter finals, maybe they get to the semis as well, if they get paired with Barcelona. Because nobody would expect them to win. Expect to see some great games in the quarter finals though.
  14. Weird story, the guy doesn't look like he's Vietnamese and probably has no idea what his real name is.
  15. Lots of people have been taking bungs in football since the beginning of time. Some get caught, given a slap on the wrist and life goes on.