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  1. 5th - although i hope they win it
  2. Pattaya Restaurants - Reviews

    ease up , i just saw the beef carapcio on the menu board, and as i enjoy your posts and review i was hoping that you had some and it was part of your report, I wasn't having a go and apoligise if it came across that way. Ill just go back to lurking
  3. Pattaya Restaurants - Reviews

    saw the beef carpacio on the menu board and was looking forward to seeing your review, next time
  4. Do We Become Our Fathers?

    I am, , First it was the yelling at the TV news , (dad you know they can't hear you) then it was walking around the house in jocks with 99% of the arse area covered in holes then it was ice cream ,i couldn't grasp how as kids we would have the double cone , choc chip mint with bubblegum and then butterscotch and rainbow flavours and dad would opt for the single vanilla cone, now thats me Was on a conference this week , was at the national centre for wine, (i dont like wine) 200 people there i call the waiter over and ask if i can get a beer , only person in the place drinking beer. Same thing my dad would do
  5. Mayweather/pacquiano

    never heard that before Craps has the best odds the line bet which is virtually 50/50, but certainly not in the punters favor (excluding any perceived ability to effect the outcome of the roll of the dice) Where as any spin of the wheel roll of the dice is unique and therefore law of large numbers dictates that the in the long run the chances of rolling/spinning any number runs true. Black jack is flawed as the deck is reduced the chances of any particular outcome is reduced/increased If you can count cards then the odds can turn in your favor. back on topic Mayweather wipes the floor with him and always was going to, one of those events where betting with the head has to overrule betting with the heart, Would love to see Manny knock the mouth out but mayweather wont give him the chance.
  6. with a bit of luck he might be gone by the end of the week, and for a change the alternatives are both good if wither turnbull of bishop stuck there hand up theyd walk all over him.
  7. 2013 Ashes Banter Thread

    the side batting on day one almost made 300 the day batting on day 2 where lucky to make 100 To quote Ian chapelll 9/10 when you win the toss you bat, the other time you think about it for 10 seconds and then you choose to bat evey pitch everywhere day 2-3 and is always going to be best batting conditions its late in day 4 and especially day 5 that the pitch falls apart You are not opting to bat to first to get the best batting conditions youre batting first so your not batting on last on a pitch that has fallen to pieces and balls are bouncing around your ears on a good length or grubbing around your ankles from a short length
  8. I was thinking the same thing but didnt think appropriate to post on the previous thread i was under the impression you couldnt donate blood if you had had sex with a prostitute in the previous 12 months
  9. Has everything to do with us, there are laws the country abides by , if people seeking refugee staus here arent happy with our laws then seek asslym elsewhere.
  10. f*ck him off ,hes a refugee and expects us to respect his wishes , but won't accpet that aclohol sales and advertising are quite legal in his adopted country. Shouldnt be playing anyway this win at any costs even if it means playing with a side full of foreginers (England i'm looking at you) shits me. I'd rather watch an aussie run last than some khakistani refugee who got citiezenship the week before the olympics win gold
  11. Bangla Road By Night.

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