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  1. iPhone X

    I think they will have an initial flurry of idiots buying at that price but demand will not substain. Future hindsight will show this to be a defining moment in the slow demise of Apple. Wall Street wasn't impressed with release of IP X yesterday. Apple has not had any real innovation since Cook the accountant took over. Don't get me wrong, he is brilliant in his own right and lord knows a guy like Jobs needed an accountant as right hand, but he is not the innovative cultural visionary that Jobs was. I would look for them to be subleasing some of that humongous new headquarters within 2 years. The era of Apple is coming to an end. Lump off! ``

    That is Hall of Fame stuff. Mod with morals. Mango.

    sounds fair enough.........

    Hey bummer about down a mod. If auto bot mod is way forward so be it. Will there be an appeal system where humans can over ride the system? I could see botmod confusing irony or satire for abuse on occasion.
  5. Forum upgrade to 4.2 tonight...

    Maybe Flog could hardwire us into his office set up.
  6. Forum upgrade to 4.2 tonight...

    Very nice smooth transfer Lanzalad. Thanks for your time and efforts. I brought this up before, I think it might have been before your time as back end PL guru, but don't you think it makes sense to link to a forex chart that lists USD???? But back to first point. Muchos gracias for the effort. Looks great!
  7. what is your favourite hotel in pattaya

    My favourite place to stay in Pattaya is Sabai Resort.....3 star at best but always clean, I like the location, the staff are always very sabai like and it has that Balinese feel to it from a ambiance POV. http://www.sabairesortpattaya.com
  8. A few photos from Pattaya last week.

    Nice Firth. Thks for posting!
  9. Taking a push bike to Thailand

    think this top might work for you. Still shopping for the tights.
  10. Taking a push bike to Thailand

    not sure....need to color coordinate with the bike I got for you!
  11. Chernobyl and Priypat trip report 2017

    Wow some incredible shots. Not sure what word to describe the entirety of it....maybe....humbling! Thks for sharing.
  12. Taking a push bike to Thailand

    Not even close. If you were to old to ride a bike you wouldn't be able to handle Sunday in Wanchai. And hey, if you rode a bike, didn't just rely on the genetics of a slim build, Monday mornings after a huge Sunday on Lockhart-do will be much easier to deal with. Besides, be a gas to see you in spandex!
  13. Taking a push bike to Thailand

    Hey not having a dig at you, but it was ironic this just came across my Facebook feed in last 3 minutes... You know if you spent a bit of time here without the hassle of a marriage going south or an ex wife harassing you, and really looked around you might go....ya know what...this is the best place in all of Asia to live.....so diverse, so much to do. More than ho's and cheap beer bars or even zillion dollar hi end gentleman clubs,.......there is a ton to do and a great place to raise a child. (assuming you have the wherewithal to keep them out of the public education system) http://bk.asia-city.com/health/news/ideas-bangkok-bike-ride
  14. Taking a push bike to Thailand

    there are tons of dedicated bike riding trails here in metro bangkok...a 26 mile track surrounds the airport, there is an awesome nature trail right around the port area....a whole bunch, I mean a whole bunch of super hi end bike shops.cafes etc have opened in last 10 years....BIKING IS VERY BIG HERE.....now if you asked the same question about Hong Kong I would agree..not nearly the choices or participation that you will find here.....here is a teaser list,....just BKG dedicated trails alone. http://www.mapmyride.com/th/bangkok-bangkok/
  15. Tbilisi by night.

    Stunning shots.....