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tommy dee

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  1. gulf air business is ok but BA is worth a check, especially if you have flown with them before and collecvted their avios points. got bus to LHR return 48K plus points and non stop. past few years got better than eva
  2. brilliant ics. wondering how much of that is set up for visitors.. lerned something tho, i thought it was chernobyl, now thanks to your pics i know its chOrnbyl. what a mess for sure
  3. will watch later Phil but FYU it stops and starts badly, buffering isnt good on it here in pattaya and u know i have a good link
  4. in your "worst moments" Parky, you have never lowered yourself to promise to punch someones face in. he is, to be fair, a yobbo when he has a keyboard
  5. never acceptable. Nick busts his arse for the board here. modersting the inibriate is a nightmare job anyway, and being insulted/threatened makes it 10 times worse
  6. i honesdtly think he is a bit bi polar. one time posting with brains, intelligent and worth reading, the next as rude as F.
  7. i bought the fab mobile new, but will wait for the new ford SUV to come out in the 2nd hand mkt and replace with that then. new was a good move at the time, but wheras vehicles used to hold their value madly here, they dont any more. the 4d 2wd ford pickup is a great vehicle as its a wheelbarrow and car combined, great if renovating or doing the garden
  8. i use agoda rooms or expedia for a room in pattaya at least once a month, to avoid driving home. Lk group can get for 800 a night, and a lot nice clean gafs for around 600. after all its a place u sleep/shag and wake up and leave. and have done all the top ones too, but useage was still the same and I usually oversleep or work until breakfast is finished too
  9. US Customs would have a field day with that. if she enters the US on a US Passport, then there would be no record of her, as a Thai entering, so if she tries to leave on the Thai passport they would assume she entered illegally. needs to entter and leave with SIMILAR ( new one ) passport for sure Also US EMbassy in BKK will issue emergency passport within hours if you lose, deface or expire your passport. those orders are good for one trip home
  10. am a hi drive bloke but find that the energy is gone by 2pm. now actually take afternoon naps FFS.. next someone will give me slippers and a pipe
  11. highly recommend these. in fact will do the deal with you if u can drop off in chayabruk 2. that will mean I have 5 now, 3 at home 2 at work and yours wil be the spare. just bought 2 off phil to have one in the bedroom. I dont think u can beat them if you have decent internet PM a pic of the unit pls so we both know its the same as what I have t
  12. yes, they want you to then buy bluetooth headphones.. clever deal for them Huh
  13. you are right. its cos they dont have a headphone jack and phones use the HP cable as an antenna. bit daft as to radio, well best look at the real surveys as they show it as the most stable of medium worldwide. Streaming is good too, and most do that too, but not always inthe US where the cost of streaming music is horrendous.
  14. renewal of the 5 yr licence is whent hey get u for this. no way around it no vip deal unless away from the centre and u have someone in the know get there 8, take drink and sandwiches, charge up phone.. have all docs ready. for WP people u need YOUR and company tax ID number to hand.. 3.5 hrs of tedium.. then out and off for 5 more years. when the palce opens they take farang in a different queue and actualy you get thru the first stages faster